Lustiges Hundespielzeug aus Cord, niedlicher Kaktus-Plüsch, quietschend, kaubar, mit Seil

Adorable design: This dog toy features a cute cactus shape with a corduroy texture, making it visually appealing and engaging for your furry friend.

Squeaky fun: The toy is equipped with an internal squeaker that produces an enticing sound when squeezed, keeping your dog entertained and engaged during playtime.

Chewable and durable: Made from high-quality materials, including tough rope and durable corduroy fabric, this toy is designed to withstand chewing and rough play, ensuring long-lasting fun for your pup.

Interactive play: The rope attached to the toy adds an interactive element, making it easy for you to engage in tug-of-war games or interactive play sessions with your dog, promoting bonding and exercise.

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