Kratzbaum aus Holz mit mehreren Ebenen für Katzen im Innenbereich

Multi-level design: This cat scratching post features a multi-level design, providing your indoor cats with plenty of space to climb, explore, and play. It offers multiple platforms, perches, and scratching surfaces to keep your feline friend entertained and satisfied.

Natural wood construction: Made with high-quality wood, this cat tree not only provides a sturdy and durable structure but also adds a touch of elegance to your home decor. The natural wood finish complements any interior style and ensures long-lasting performance.

Built-in scratching posts: Cats love to scratch, and this cat tree understands their instinctual needs. It comes with built-in scratching posts covered with sisal rope, offering a satisfying and safe scratching surface for your cats. Say goodbye to scratched furniture!

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